Understand when our dog isn’t his usual perky self

It’s up to us to understand when our dog isn’t his usual perky self. This list will alert you to signs of potential issues that may need veterinary attention.

If your puppy demonstrates a change in desire that lasts more than the usual day or two. Both reduction of desire and increased hunger are reasons for issue. Pups shouldn’t go for over 24 hrs without eating.
If your puppy urinates more or less than standard or beverages more water than ordinary. (When the weather is warm, anticipate increased water consumption.)
If your puppy vomits or has diarrhea for over a day or 2. Vomit and diarrhoea deplete the body water and chemicals and can trigger dehydration, which needs immediate veterinary attention.
If your puppy’s coat seems dull, matted or un groomed.
If your puppy shows signs of pain.
If your puppy seems disorientated or stressed.
If your puppy slacks uncontrollably.